Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) Practice Exam

READ ME: After you take the practice exam, you will receive feedback that highlights the % of correct answers per each CCP exam blueprint domain.

We do not provide answers to questions because we believe, and is demonstrated by incrementally improved student performance on our practice exam, that it’s more effective to allow the students to re-study the domain areas without knowing specifically which individual question(s) were correct/incorrect.

Although we do understand that students want to know what they got wrong so they can focus on those specific questions, we don’t think just knowing the correct answer choice really supports a deeper understanding of the CMMC and exam domains/topics.

We advise students that if they can perform 80% or better on our exam then they will likely be very successful on the official CMMC CCP exam. If we simply gave the answers then the student would simply recall the answer to choose on our practice exam, which can lead to a false positive.

We respect that others have different opinions on this, however, for now, this is our policy.

UPDATE: Please review the information at the following Cyber AB link for information regarding the CCP Exam process:


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