CMMC MasterClass Series

Welcome to the CMMC MasterClass Series of advanced learning sessions designed to provide anyone in the CMMC ecosystem the opportunity to learn from subject matter experts across all CMMC domains and core responsibilities.

The CMMC MasterClass training courses are designed to pick up where the Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) and Certified CMMC Assessor courses finish and are designed to transform knowledge into action and ability.

The CCP course provide the information needed to understand the CMMC model and the ecosystem. The CCA courses are designed to teach about conducting assessments including scoping, practice objectives, evidence, and related procedures.

However, when faced with 10 inches of objective evidence stacked in front of you, are you able to determine whether or not a given objective and/or practice has satisfied the goals of adequacy and sufficiency?

The CMMC MasterClass Series prepares students for the real world.


  • Courses are delivered on Saturdays
  • Deep dive, hyper-focused on each course topic
  • Taught be subject matter experts in each domain
  • Detailed, real-world examples of networks
  • Detailed, real-world examples of data and information flow
  • Detailed examples of objective evidence
  • Detailed examples of assessment methods
    • Detailed examples of what to examine
    • Detailed examples of who to interview and what information you should collect
    • Detailed examples of what to test and what to expect from the results
  • Course duration and price aligned to topic
  • Choose any or all courses based on your own needs
  • Spans both CMMC 1.0 and CMMC 2.0 domains

Teach & Earn

Are you a subject matter expert in one or more (maximum three) CMMC domains or functions? If so, contact us to teach one or more Saturday CMMC MasterClass courses while earning extra money.

Training Subjects

  • Assessment Management
  • Assessment Scoping
  • Data & Information Flow Diagrams
  • Domain: Access Control
  • Domain: Asset Management
  • Domain: Audit & Accountability
  • Domain: Awareness & Training
  • Domain: Configuration Management
  • Domain: Identification & Authentication
  • Domain: Incident Response
  • Domain: Maintenance
  • Domain: Media Protection
  • Domain: Personnel Security
  • Domain: Physical Protection
  • Domain: Recovery
  • Domain: Risk Management
  • Domain: Security Assessment
  • Domain: Situational Awareness
  • Domain: System and Communications Protection
  • Domain: System and Information Integrity