Unlimited Re-Training




This option allows a paid student for certified CMMC courses (CCP, CCA-1, CCA-2, and/or CCA-3) to re-attend the live, online training version of the paid courses an unlimited number of times.  What does this mean?  Assume you purchase a CCP course and attend in November.  If you purchase the Unlimited Re-Training (One Course) option then you can attend the CCP live, online training in December, January, and February, if you wish.  Simply complete the Re-Training Request Form on CMMC Training Academy and let us know which course(s) you wish to re-attend.  We will include you when we send out the course attendance Zoom.

Another example is if you purchased the CCP and CCA-1 course.  If you want unlimited re-training for both then you would select the Unlimited Re-Training (Two Course) option.  However, if you only want the re-training for CCP then you would select the Unlimited Re-Training (One Course) option.

In other words, the One Course, Two Course, Three Course, Four Course options IS NOT a limit as to how many times you can attend the courses; it is the number of courses you purchased (e.g., CCP, CCA-1, etc.) you can attend an unlimited number of times.

Additional information

Number of Courses

One, Two, Three, Four